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Thank you Inventory-Excess, we were able to move out our excess quickly and at a fair price allowing us to free up capital for growth opportunities.John Reeves, BBS Industries


Inventory Excess was established to help companies deal with surplus inventory and assets by supplying a venue to Sell or Buy and Liquidate their Surplus themselves too like minded companies.

Our established community buys and sells everything from raw materials to finished goods in large and small lots resulting in

1) Improve your cash flow
2) Increase your inventory turns
3) Reduce your aged inventory

4) Increase your margins by reducing costs
5) Increase your visibility
6) Support the environment

You benefit from getting your own data base where you can create , edit and manage your ads

Buyers can improve their purchase price variance hence reducing their costs and sellers can increase their cash flow and margins.  Sign-up today and start improving your margins.

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